JW Hulme – Staying True To Centuries Old Craftsmanship

JW Hulme

Staying True to Centuries Old Craftsmanship

Picture Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1905, Robert A Smith was Mayor, the state had just been welcomed into the union of the United States some 40 years earlier and citizens on horseback navigated the wooden sidewalks of this the small town & thriving upper mid-west business hub, here also was leather maker JW Hulme.

Originally, they were a company that specialized in making awnings for the grand houses of Saint Paul and later a business that outfitted the US military with canvas tents during the second world war. This is clearly a company proud of its roots, and with good reason. JW Hulme was established over a century ago in Saint Paul with an overwhelming attention to quality & sourcing only the best materials & grade-A hides.

These are values they very much hold onto today with every piece they construct. For many decades JW Hulme have partnered with the world’s best tanneries, the primary of which was established in 1899 & is located in Breyall, a small village on the Dutch – German border. Their unwavering commitment to both quality & environmental sustainability has firmly solidified their reputation as one of the worlds top makers of luxury leather goods.

Today we find ourselves in the midst of a social media revolution and as a result we see hundreds of young companies manufacturing leather goods of all quality’s both domestically & internationally, JW Hulme, despite embracing the online movement & selling most of their products direct to consumer haven’t changed all that much since customers could place orders via telegram in the early 1900’s. They still have a flagship store in Saint Paul, but do most of their business via catalogue & their full online store. Yes they have nurtured partnerships with the top leather merchants in Europe, but as an American made company of course they do also incorporate American leather into their collections, their revered “American Heritage” collection is a heavier leather, highly durable and designed to last a lifetime while aging beautifully as its broken in year after year.

Despite being such a traditional company and making products that stay true to their roots on the inside of their bags & briefcases you’ll be surprised to find many modern design features ensuring space for all of your 2020 tech! Their new redesigned Fremont Briefcase for example incorporates compartments for your laptop, tablet, charging cables, power pack & cell phone. Conscious that today our essential gadgets are never far away its comforting to see they have all bases covered in this aspect of design. They use many different types of leather across their product portfolio, each designed to age & patina in its own unique way ensuring product durability & the ability to pass each bag onto the next generation.
What we love most about JW Hulme is the passion they hold for quality & the approach they take to business, the service & support offered to every customer & the peace of mind that comes with every product purchased. They are a company that promises to be around for many years to come through a time-tested commitment to style & excellence.

Check out their latest creations at www.JWHulmeco.com