Venus Et Fleur – Real Rose’s that last a full year!

Venus Et Fleur is a fresh innovative company producing stunning ‘Real’ rose presentations that actually last up to a full year! Here’s their story:

During the precious early stages of a budding romance, Sunny Chadha arranged for Seema Bansal to receive what was meant to be a luxurious and elegant bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day – only to find that the flowers were of subpar quality and uninspired aesthetics. While Seema was truly appreciative of the gesture, they both suddenly realized that there was a necessity in the floral industry for impeccable arrangements that exuded elegance and style.

That tender gesture and the following sudden strike of artistic vision would become the birth of Venus ET Fleur®.

With the roman goddess Venus, representative of luxury, attraction, romance and individuality, as their muse and inspiration, Sunny and Seema set out to provide floral arrangements that would truly make a lasting impression. They scoured far and wide for flowers that would meet their understandably lofty standards. That search for the most beautiful and pristine flowers brought them to Ecuador, where they become enthralled by the lush and vibrant regional rose fields. And it was then that they developed the proprietary treatment that become key to Venus ET Fleur’s renowned Eternity™ Rose Collection – opulent and picturesque arrangements that can maintain their freshness and elegance for up to a year.

With the combination of Sunny’s entrepreneurial background and knowledge in wholesale importing and exporting and Seema’s discerning eye for exceptional design and aesthetics, Venus ET Fleur® has grown into an internationally recognized brand that has truly revolutionized the online floral buying experience.

As a bespoke rose atelier, Venus ET Fleur® intersects the romantic tradition of sending flowers with exceptionally stylish design. Every Eternity™ Rose arrangement is meticulously curated by a floral design specialist that works closely with each client to ensure that each individual order is heightened to its aesthetical peak. At its essence, Venus ET Fleur® aims to create the loving gesture of sending flowers into a comprehensive and exceptional artistic experience.